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A helper function to create a pipable if statement.


A short blog post exploring the number of accepted refugees in the US.


Analyzing Bright Line Watch surveys that regularly ask political scientists and the public questions about democratic performance.


A short tutorial that can help you get started with Xaringan Slides


Assessing the 538 Predictions for the 2018 Midterm Elections



Visualizing Gas Explosions in Lawrence, MA

This is a little project where I visualize the gas explosions that rocked Lawrence, MA on 13th September 2018.

Slides: Deliberation Across the World

These slides were presented at the WAPOR general conference in June 2018. The paper investigates the effect of deliberative quality of a political system on regime legitimacy in 119 countries and received the best student paper award (Naomi C. Turner Prize) at the WAPOR 2018 general conference.

Slides: Godly Governance

These slides were presented at the WAPOR general conference in June 2018. The paper investigates the role of religiosity in supporting religious governance in the MENA region.

Slides: Variants of Populism

These slides were presented at the Politicologenetmaal conference in June 2018. This research is about the support for populism in Europe.

Slides: Decoding the Alt-Right

These slides were presented at a VOX-Pol counter-extremism workshop in May 2018. The research project is about tracking the Alt-Right and its spread into mainstream media.

LearnR - Modelldiagnostik

Die Modelldiagnostik dient dazu die Validit├Ąt und Reliabilit├Ąt der Ergebnisse einer linearen Regression sicherzustellen. In diesem Workshop lernt ihr die Grundkonzepte, deren Anwendung sowie Interpretation und Visualisierung.


Naomi C. Turner Prize 2018

  • This prize is awarded for the best paper presented by a graduate student at the World Association for Public Opinion (WAPOR) annual conference.


I am a teaching instructor for the following courses at University of Stuttgart:

  • Statistische Modellbildung II Tutorium